How to care for your handmade leather bags

Taking good care of your leather bags will keep their beauty for generations, as you will be helping them to aging naturally and gracefully. No matter if you choose a designer or a handmade leather bag you should be aware that all of them are pre-treated, meaning you do not have to use special solutions or utensils to take care of them - water and a piece of soft and clean fabric should be more than enough. Our team of leather experts has put together this guide that will help you learn how to take care of all leather bags in your collection. Here are our advices:

Clean gently

One of the main reasons why leather bags, whether women's or men's, lose their shine is because they are not cleaned properly. Ideally, the cleaning should be done with cold water and a soft cloth. Never use wet wipes based on alcohol or detergents of any kind. Coarse tools roughen the leather and damage the surface long-term. If the bag needs careful and more complex cleaning, take it to a leather specialist.

Store it properly

Even if you had a hard day's work, don't forget to take care of your bag correctly. Do not store the bag near heat sources or where it could fall on the ground and scratch. It is essential to avoid exposure to direct sunlight as much as possible, as this can discolor the leather.

If you do not want to carry the bag for a more extended period, clean it, and put it in a dark, dry place, far from moisture and heat. Put a clean cotton towel or crepe paper in your bag to keep its shape and prevent creases from forming. Never hang the bag of handles in the closet, and don't put things on it. You can use a porous, weightless fabric to protect it from dust or dirt.

Air it out periodically 

This step is essential if you will not carry the bag for a while. Getting your leather bags out of the closet from time to time and ventilating them will reduce the risk of mold or unwanted odors. Do not perfume a leather bag and do not use anti-mold solutions.

Don't overfill it

Even if you have a busy day at work, try not to overfill the bag because this puts pressure on the handles. Overfilling can even deform the bag over time or soften the skin, leaving it prone to scratches or creases, and can even lead to breaking the bag. Always take what is strictly necessary with you, and do not force the zippers because they can also break. 

In case of emergency, don't panic

Your handbag is a faithful companion, and you always have it with you? Then you know that some situations will arise that will put it through its paces, so be prepared for anything. If the bag gets wet, wipe it as soon as possible, following the tips from the first step. Do not try to force drying with artificial heat sources, such as airing cupboards, hairdryers, and tumble-dryers or in the sun. If you notice the bag is staining, do not use solutions, detergents, or cleaning agents! Contact a leather specialist as soon as possible!

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The correct way to clean leather bags

  • Wash your hands before cleaning the bag to prevent the transfer of oils or grease
  • Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the bag, without applying pressure or concentrating more on one area, as this may lead to uneven discoloration of the leather - remember that if you use too much water for cleaning, the bag may also change color a little 
  • Don't forget to wipe the non-leather parts as well, but it would be advisable to clean them with a dry towel to prevent watermarks
  • After you have cleaned the whole bag, let it dry at room temperature
  • Do not use leather care products at home, as you may overmoisture or even discolor it

These simple tips provide the perfect basis for caring for and cleaning your leather products. Give your leather darlings a long life - a high-quality leather bag will stay beautiful as long as you give her the proper care. 

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