How to choose a quality genuine leather bag

A leather bag is a versatile, practical, and essential accessory that should be present in any woman's wardrobe. Such bags usually match almost any outfit and serve faithfully over the years. But for a leather bag to serve a long time and please the eye with its appearance, it is necessary to choose it correctly and provide the product with proper care during operation. These are the most critical aspects when choosing your quality leather bag:



The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a leather bag is the quality of the processing of the leather itself. The surface of the leather should not have visible defects due to the processing process. Still, it is possible that in some places, slight imperfections may be observed due to insect bites, tears, or scars from hits/scratches - it is perfectly normal, and the fact that the animal had an active life and did not live in captivity. High-quality leather has a unique, natural, and unmistakable smell.



When choosing a bag, you must ensure that all the seams are strong enough to withstand significant loads. A good, high-quality genuine leather bag will never be sewn with sloppy, crooked stitches, with threads protruding from the edges or the inside.


Bag lining

The quality and strength of the lining are no less important than the leather that covers the outside of the product. A high-quality brand bag of genuine leather will always have a strong, dense, and reliable lining, sewn with neatly hidden seams. This lining is essential in those handbags that are designed for everyday wear.



Handles and straps must be solid and reliable, able to withstand a specific load. Every woman agrees that there is nothing worse than constantly having problems with zippers and buckles or replacing broken handles on a bag that is still relatively normal, intact, and functional. When choosing and buying a leather product, you need to unfasten and fasten zippers several times to check their smoothness and reliability of closure, and carefully inspect all metal elements (buckles, locks, rivets).


Non-leather parts

A quality genuine leather bag will always have the best quality details. The metal parts (zippers, feet, brand logos) must be made of materials that do not oxidize when in contact with water. Check on the label the material they are made from and avoid purchasing the bag if it is not specified anywhere whether the material oxidizes or not.

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