Men's Dressing Style: Basic Rules and Essential Pieces

Clothing pieces can make up the perfect outfits for your meetings and activities. For example, for a day of work at the office, we encourage you to wear an elegant shirt, and for an evening of dancing, you will need a pair of comfortable shoes, either sports or leather and a t-shirt. Find the basic items for each men's clothing style from the following rows.


Casual men's clothing is ideal for walks in the park with friends, for a casual evening on a terrace, and for everyday activities. Here are the most loved casual clothes to wear in everyday life.

  • Comfortable jeans. Jeans are part of timeless pieces of clothing, and denim will never go out of fashion, regardless of its model: skinny jeans - being a fashion model, straight jeans - found since the first models of denim pants, loose fit - worn especially by hip-hop music lovers, cropped - covering three-quarters of the legs or tapered - wide in the hips and fit on the leg.
  • The shirt. The T-shirt is also a timeless piece of clothing! Depending on your preferences, you can choose t-shirts in one colour or with different vivid shades, simple or unique patterns.
  • The hoodie. The hoodie is ideal for hiking in the mountains or late, relaxed evenings in the city centre. Like the T-shirt, the coat can have an impressive palette of colours and patterns. It can be worn with a pair of jeans or a tracksuit.
  • Tennis shoes. Men's casual shoes can be tennis shoes, sneakers or even high-quality shoes, but they are ideal for long walks or dancing.


The men's office suit is suitable for the workplace, important meetings, and a romantic evening spent with your significant other. This, unlike casual clothes, needs a special and elegant look, but it must be equally comfortable and light.

  • The shirt. The shirt is essential for the office outfit because most companies ask their employees to dress either smart-casual or smart-business. However, depending on the fashion freedom you have at work, you can choose between the classic white shirt and other models and colour shades.
  • Turtleneck sweater. For the cooler times of the year, the turtleneck sweater is an incredible choice for the workplace because it's stylish, casual and warm all at the same time!
  • The pants. You can vary between dark blue or black denim pants for either suit pants.
  • The jacket. The jacket can be worn to important meetings within the company or even every day for job positions where you constantly interact with customers and colleagues.
  • Casual shoes. The shoes must first be comfortable because you will spend most of the day at the office. For a smart-casual style, you can put on a pair of sneakers with a simple design, and for the smart-business one, choose your favourite suit shoes.


The elegant outfit can be worn at special events, such as weddings, civil weddings, awards galas, graduations, baptisms, and other occasions that require a specific costume. Thus, here are the pieces of clothing that make up an elegant outfit:

  • The classic suit. Depending on the season, the classic suit can be made up of two or three pieces, such as pants, a vest and a jacket.
  • White & Black Tie suit. White & Black Ties are two extremely elegant clothing styles only worn on special and fancy occasions:
    • White Tie: Black tailcoat, white waistcoat, bow tie or tie, shirt with double collar and cuffs, cufflinks, quality trousers and smart shoes.
    • Black Tie: White tuxedo or jacket, bow tie, white shirt, pants and sturdy, comfortable shoes.
  • Cloth pants. You can opt for a pair of fabric trousers and a shirt for business-formal or semi-formal events.
  • The coat. The long coat, in dark shades and with buttons, will give any man a special elegant look and sophistication. With a coat that fits your body and your preferences, you'll catch the eye of everyone in the room.
  • Leather shoes. Leather shoes are part of the key items of an elegant outfit. It is essential to know how to match the shoes to the suit's model, colour and material.

Indispensable accessories in the wardrobe of any stylish man

Accessories are essential for creating the perfect look because they highlight the beauty of the clothes and complete them, either due to the contrast of colour or pattern or through the chromatic combination, regardless of the clothing style approached.

  • Tie. The tie matches the shirt: the coloured ones with coloured ties, but of different shades, and the white ones with black, coloured ties or with minimalist, repetitive or geometric patterns.
  • The belt. Choose a leather belt to match the trousers and tie or bow tie for business and formal styles. However, the belt should give a nice look even to casual outfits.
  • The clock. The watch is a piece of resistance, especially for elegant clothes. Invest in a quality watch that fits your lifestyle. The watch must match the outfit!
  • Bag. The leather bag is a beautiful, elegant and practical accessory at the same time. Match the colour palette of the bag with the rest of the outfit, regardless of the style approach.
  • Sunglasses. Try to match the sunglasses with the clothing style. They will give you a trendy and special look, even when the sun is shyer. Find a pair of glasses that benefit you, protect your eyes and highlight your personality.
  • The wallet. Although it is not an accessory to be seen, the wallet must be suitable for your wardrobe. A stylish man will invest in such a product. The quality wallet will sit better in the pants pocket, have a pleasant appearance, and be velvety to the touch.
  • The socks. Socks are very important when you want to match your shoes with the rest of your outfit. For the casual style, you can be creative, combining funny patterns and colours that contrast with the rest of the outfit. On the opposite pole, there is a stricter code of conduct for office and elegant clothes: socks always match the pants; if you wear black pants, the socks will also be black.

Essential rules

Wear clothes in your size

Even if you choose a casual or formal style, choosing the right size for all the pieces in the outfit is essential. This is one of the main rules when it comes to clothes because an incorrect size for your body will result in an unsightly and uncomfortable outfit.

Match accordingly

A men's wardrobe can contain a wide range of colour palettes, but when choosing a single outfit, you must match the colours, textures and clothes. It is recommended to wear at most 3 colours or 3 patterns at the same time. Also, try to stick to one eye-catching outfit. 

Don't wear wrinkled clothes

Whether going to the neighbourhood store to buy some groceries or going out with your friends, it's important always to have your clothes wrinkle-free, clean, and neat. You'll never know who you're dating, and what's more, those around you will create a false impression of you. For an elegant outfit, remember to wear the collar too!

Wash clothes according to the label

The clothes' appearance and quality are influenced by the program you use when washing them in the machine. For example, if denim is cleaned often, the fabric will deteriorate, and the colour will appear "pre-washed". Moreover, some clothes will pill, especially sweaters, blouses, jackets, and cloth pants or Bermuda shorts. So check your clothes well before you leave the house.

Avoid white stockings

Leaving aside the casual style, where many creative combinations are allowed, for office and formal outfits, wear high socks so that the leg is not visible. Also, match the socks with the pants, but beware of the white ones: they will not give you an advantage. White is often worn in sportswear.

Jacket buttons

When the jacket has only one row of buttons, the last button must remain open - this also applies to sweaters and cardigans. If the coat is double-breasted, then all buttons will close. Men with a wide back should wear the jacket with one row of buttons, in favour of the one with two.

The length of the tie

As mentioned before, the tie completes the suit! So, to enjoy an enviable look, the length of the tie should be at most, the belt, and its width should fit within the lapels of the jacket.

Tips for short people

Small people are not recommended to wear baggy clothes because they cut off their height, but they can wear pants that are darker in colour than the T-shirt or shirt because they will look taller.

Choosing shoes

Shoes play an important role in your everyday clothing and important events. The footwear must sit firmly on foot and provide an easy walk. Take care of the appearance of your shoes because many people can judge you by this alone, keep them clean and neat!

Avoid clothes with big logos

Whether you have decided to wear casual or dressy clothes, try not to choose items with large and very large logos. Find the pieces with a discreet logo for a pleasant and tasteful look. Often prominent symbols give off a kitschy feel and an image that might not work in your favour.

The men's wardrobe must contain various pieces of clothing suitable for any event and activity: casual, business, formal, sports or according to your preferences and tastes. Remember that accessories change the outfit's appearance from a simple, basic one to one full of personality and good taste. Choose the right clothes, perfume and attitude according to the occasion and always enjoy all the happy moments in your life!

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