Slow fashion - definition of a "responsible" garment

In 2007, Kate Fletcher, activist and professor of sustainable development at the University of the Arts London, spoke out against fast fashion - a series of ever-changing fashion trends that aim only to increase demand without placing any value on how clothing products are created or the materials from which they are made. Fletcher sowed a seed of uncertainty among his listeners - "is fashion going in the right direction?" The slow fashion trend was to explore the underbelly of the fashion industry, which made all the fanatics of good style and the fashion world aware of all the processes inside the entire industry of creating clothing items and accessories.

Slow fashion - characteristic features

Slow fashion does not make us give up the pleasure of shopping. On the contrary, it encourages us to shop responsibly. Instead of a bunch of low-quality cotton sweaters, it's better to invest in one or two superior-quality models. Choosing the right quality fabrics or materials is not only an investment for years but also a reduction in consumerism out of concern for our planet. In addition to excellent quality, slow fashion also refers to the process of making the products or how human or animal suffering or exploitation has or has not contributed to their creation. Slow fashion tells us to define our fashion identity and make fashion decisions accordingly. So if you're closer to a leather biker jacket, don't force yourself to buy a beige trench coat.

Slow fashion style - how to find it?

Think holistically about your wardrobe. Slow fashion is undoubtedly combined with a capsule wardrobe, which also focuses on approaching fashion more responsibly and minimalist. You will never be happy if your wardrobe is full of blouses from years ago that you do not even remember. Your wardrobe should be composed of 100% clothing items you wear, not just 20%. Don't chase changing trends without thinking about what you really need.

Principles of responsible fashion

  1. Get used to the principle that quality matters, not quantity.
  2. Buy less! Don't be compulsive at sales to fill your wardrobe to the brim. 
  3. Pay attention to what the products are made of. 
  4. Define your style. Even with the current trends, you can find something for yourself that will align with the ethics of slow fashion.
  5. Build a thoughtful capsule wardrobe that will allow you to use its resources fully. 
  6. Don't throw away your clothes. You can give them to the needy, sell them, redo them or take them to a sewist who will repair or make them trendy. 
  7. Don't stick to stiff must-haves. If you don't like a white shirts, buy a black one.
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Important cornerstones of slow fashion

  • Careful use of resources: This includes, on the one hand, producing long-lasting, high-quality clothing and, on the other hand, using existing clothing items as well as possible.
  • Fair production: Everyone in the supply chain should be paid appropriately and work under health-promoting conditions.
  • Organic farming: Raw materials for textiles - such as cotton, flax or sheep's wool - come from sustainable agriculture, which does not exploit the environment but preserves it.
  • Regionality: Both the cultivation and the processing of raw materials take place in the same region as far as possible: the more local, the better.
  • Avoidance of harmful chemicals: Instead of artificial colours, fragrances and textiles, natural and health-friendly alternatives are used.
  • Transparency: where does my clothing come from, who made it and under what conditions? The answers to these questions should always be comprehensible.

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