90. Our 2023 collection has only 90 pieces, as every year we release a limited number of pieces for every collection we design. This is our way of reassuring you our minimalistic approach will never go out of style and our products are not meant to be replaced - they get better with age.


Classic yet exotic, elegant while practical: our exclusive office bag collection will balance your business attire and make you feel more confident than ever. Every piece in our atemporal collection is designed as a chic reinterpretation of the anost briefcase with the sole purpose of helping you express your unique character while acting as a statement accessory in environments you want to make an impression.

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Our leather

No other material ages as gracefully as leather. Wrinkles, scars, subtle shades - they all reflect a life well lived and no one should be other than proud of displaying them. Just like people, every piece of leather is unique in character. By choosing our leathers you are not only choosing to wear an elegant office bag but a statement of self-confidence. The exotic elements in our Women’s bag collection represent a fine touch of luxury and uniqueness, that complement a strong character and attitude.

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Meticulously crafted by the hands of the most exclusive and renowned tailors in Italy, using only the highest quality materials around the world, LEONTHE bags are an atemporal expression of uniqueness designed to remain elegant yet sophisticated for a lifetime.

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