Warranty and care advice for LEONTHE office bags

LEONTHE office bags are made by the most skilled leather manufacturers in Italy, a country with a centuries-old tradition in leather goods. All the office leather bags are created for women and men who do not conform to the principles of the fast-fashion industry. The leathers come from Italy and Asia, have the highest quality standards and have been tanned using environmentally friendly processes. The main types of leather used for the first exclusive collection of leather bags are cowhide and python leather, a combination that gives the bags a lush appearance. All leathers are accompanied by a certificate of quality and traceability, which attests to the quality of LEONTHE products.

LEONTHE Warranty

Our products are impeccably hand-made in an Italian workshop with a three-generation tradition in leather goods production. The LEONTHE Ambretta collection of office leather bags for women and men consists of a total of 90 bags, which attests to the exclusivity of the products and the fact that our brand does not produce quantity but quality at the highest standards. Before we deliver a product, we make sure that every detail is perfect, but we also offer a guarantee that covers the following aspects:

  1. Scratches from the factory
  2. Discoloration of the leather produced in the process of processing the bag
  3. Leather creases due to transport
  4. Defects of non-leather parts: zippers, bag legs, metal details
  5. Uneven or unfinished seams

Note: Leather skins are a natural product and are, therefore, unique and irregular in their pore pattern, scars, and surface structure can be possible. Some insect bites, tears from thorns, bite wounds, etc., which are more or less well healed, look like an apparent defect, but these attest to the fact that the leather is 100% natural and represent proof that the animal had an active life, it was not kept in cages.

If you notice that the bag has a defect and is still under warranty, do not try to solve it yourself or call another specialist. Contact our information and customer support office and ask for advice on solving the problem.


Leonthe Leather Handbags for Women

The warranty does not cover the following situations:

  1. Discoloration of the material produced by cleaning agents. Pro tip: Genuine leather bags can only be wiped with water and a cotton handkerchief/towel, using gentle movements
  2. Wrinkles formed by incorrect storage of the bag. Protip: Genuine leather bags are stored in a ventilated place, covered with a dust bag, and protected from the pressure of other things. They are never hung on hangers or placed in areas where they could be easily scratched
  3. Scratches after carrying the bag. Tip: Avoid touching the bag with objects that could leave traces: watches, bracelets, rings with stones, etc.
  4. Discoloration of material from other items of clothing, such as dark jeans
  5. Detachment of non-leather objects in case of hitting the bag

Each LEONTHE bag is a perfect mix of clean, well-structured design, balanced proportions, luxurious textures, and carefully selected chromatics, all aiming to entice and please your senses. 

LEONTHE perfectly mixes timeless design, precious materials, and minimalist accessories - all while keeping up with the highest quality standards.