Full grain leather - the highest quality type of leather

It is well known that leather is one of the materials adored by luxury lovers and connoisseurs, so why not learn what is the best type of leather before your next purchase? Of course, there is a lot to know about the nature of the different types, but before we go into detail, this should be said in advance: if you are looking for natural premium leather, you should not be satisfied with the "genuine leather" seal. Look for the full-grain leather instead! Here’s why:

The remarkable thing about full-grain leather

Animal hides are split into several layers during the leather production process, so one animal can produce different types of leather: Full Grain, Top Grain, and Genuine Leather. 

The full-grain leather is considered to be of particularly high quality and is valued above all for its remarkable stability. The name of this type of leather reveals its secret - full-grain leather has a distinctive surface structure that is always unique. This product is made from an animal's top layer of skin, so it has all the features of animal skin, such as pores, tiny stitches, and scratches.

In contrast to genuine leather, full-grain leather does not grind down these peculiarities but is even provided with an additional shine by a fine layer of wax. 

Top-grain leather is similarly stable to full-grain leather but is lightly sanded to give it a particularly soft, almost velvety feel. Top Grain's surface is matte and generally more receptive to the effects of everyday wear. This object's patina develops over time due to its use and environmental exposure. So the decision between full grain and top grain is often a matter of personal taste. The bottom layer of leather is called genuine leather. This type of leather has a low weave density, which makes it softer and less robust than full grain or top grain leather. 


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The advantages of full grain leather

Leather accessories can make a difference in your wardrobe. High-quality materials and craftsmanship are immediately apparent when it comes to leather goods. Bags made of full-grain leather are therefore particularly appreciated by connoisseurs. But what exactly makes full grain so unique? Leather gets softer from the outside, with full grain being the most robust type. The outer layer of leather is the most important and protective part of an animal's skin. The fabric density of full-grain leather is particularly high, meaning nourishing oils are stored longer than other leathers. Despite its robustness, it becomes supple and, at the same time, remains less susceptible to dirt and moisture. Since full-grain leather must not be sanded further, only a fraction of the animal skin can be processed. This is what makes it such an exquisite material. Due to its robustness, processing full-grain leather requires special craftsmanship. With an accessory made of real full grain, you can be sure that the leather has passed through the most capable hands until it finally becomes a bag.

For us, this begins with the tanning process: like all the types of leather we use, our full-grain leather is also exclusively vegetable-tanned. In this way, all the qualities that the leather naturally has have been preserved and can fully develop. 

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