How to Identify a Good Quality Leather Bag?

Innovative materials for manufacturing bags constantly appear, but leather remains in high demand due to its durability, elegance, timelessness, and the beauty it acquires over time. If you want to choose a high-quality leather bag that will stand the test of time, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of leather. Many types of synthetic leather on the market can mislead you, but have no worries - you will learn to tell the difference between synthetic and natural leather after reading this guide.

The texture

Not all natural leather bags are made of good quality leather, and the different textures determine the quality assessment.

Natural leather is divided into three categories: full grain leather, top grain leather, and split leather. Most designer bags will be accompanied by a label that certifies they are made of "natural leather." But this does not provide any information about how the animal was treated, fed, or the leather process. All LEONTHE bags are made of the best quality Italian calf leather, and the traceability certificates are an attestation. The quality of the leather bag is closely related to the general condition in which the animal was kept, and you can discover these details by documenting the certificate.

The smell

Leather has its own distinctive and pleasant smell. It cannot be imitated, unlike artificial leather, which may have no scent or a slightly synthetic one. Until it goes out of production, the natural leather will be subjected to several procedures, such as cleaning, waxing, sanding, and maintenance. The smell and texture of the final product are due precisely to these processes applied to the skin.


There is a considerable difference in appearance between natural leather and an ecological one. First of all, natural leather has fine lines, tiny pores, and a smooth sheen, aspects that cannot be matched by ecological leather. Ecological leather is not flexible, so after only a few wears, it will rise and may even crack in places. Natural leather, being flexible, will return to its unique appearance without much effort, and possible wrinkles may appear after a few years of wear.


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Cutting edges

As seen in the section, natural leather has a fibrous structure at the edges due to the pores of the skin containing proteins, while artificial leather has smooth edges.

Surface structures

A high-quality leather has a full grain texture, and sometimes even minor natural imperfections caused by insect bites, stretch marks, and folds of the animal's neck can be observed. On the other hand, the synthetic leather is structured and modeled and feels too smooth to the touch. The surface of natural leather is characterized by a smooth sheen, with tiny pores and delicate lines. Synthetic leather is more glossy, and the lines are not as fine.


The price remains a determining factor regarding the identification of the skin type. Products made of natural leather have a higher price due to their durability, lush appearance, and patina.

These are the aspects you need to consider in the process of selecting a quality leather bag - if you need the help of LEONTHE experts, contact us.

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