How to accessorise the bag depending on the colour of the outfit and the type of shoes

We can say with certainty that among the small innocent pleasures of women, bags stand out in a leading position. These accessories certainly make our lives easier and are indispensable in all outfits, especially since they are handy when storing everything a woman needs throughout the day. But how do you know if the chosen bag is suitable for the outfit into which you choose to integrate it? That is better said - how do you match the bag with the outfit?

Matching the bag with the outfit can become tricky, but not if you consider specific criteria, such as matching colours, clothing style or the pair of shoes you choose to wear. In the following article, we will reveal helpful information about matching your bag so you have a flawless appearance every time. Therefore, we invite you to discover how to match the bag so as to emphasise your style gracefully!

How to match the bag with an outfit according to the colours

Clearly, you can only match the same purse to some of the outfits you own because this accessory adapts according to your chosen clothing. Of course, original colour combinations are always welcome, especially if you are a daring woman. In principle, knowing how to match the bag with an outfit according to the clothing's colours is good.

Bag in neutral outfits

Every outfit needs a splash of colour, especially when its colour palette is neutral or in non-colours like black and white outfits. Thus, the colour palette for a bag can vary from matching animal print, leopard or zebra bag models to a black outfit. For a neutral outfit, you can also opt for bag models in strong shades of red, yellow, pink or blue or metallic shades of bronze, gold or silver, depending on the style of clothing.

Bag in colourful outfits

Do you love bright colours and want to look sensational dressed colourfully? Opt for light blue, pale pink, mint or lavender clothing and match these feminine colours with white, camel, taupe or charcoal handbags. If you want to combine different colours in your chosen outfit, you can opt for a cream bag or a light grey one to successfully balance the outfit's pastel colours.

How to match a bag with an outfit depending on the shoes

You often hear in the fashion world that to create a stylish look, you don't need to invest too much in clothes but a new bag. This is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to transform yourself into an elegant and refined woman. And for many women, the greatest difficulty is choosing the right bag to match their shoes. Does the bag still have to be in a similar shade and texture to the shoes? Totally wrong! Nowadays, designers are urging us to be more daring and put our imaginations to the test when we ask ourselves, "how do you match your bag". However, a refined taste does not hurt!

No one will forbid anything if you really want a set consisting of a similar bag and shoes. The variety of options is, however, so great that it is enough to take into account only a few essential rules:

  • You are allowed to combine the textures. Pairing a pair of patent leather shoes with a bag in the same texture can create a casual outfit, so we suggest pairing a pair of patent leather boots with a suede bag. Or vice versa, a pair of suede ankle boots with a patent leather bag.
  • You are allowed to combine prints and monochrome materials. If you own a bag with a floral print, the charm of the outfit can disappear in a second if you match the bag with women's shoes with the same pattern. How do you match the bag? Opt for a pair of monochromatic red shoes. At the same time, you can match floral patterned shoes with a monochrome bag.
  • You can opt for different textures when matching the bag with the shoes. For example, you can bet on shoes and bags in similar shades but pale ones with metallic surfaces. A pair of white shoes will always match a gold bag, while a tan bag will always complement a pair of brown shoes.

We hope that you will already know how to match your bag with your outfit at the end of this guide. After all, the matching possibilities are endless, and so should your imagination. LEONTHE handbags have timeless colours that can be easily integrated into any outfit. Discover our collection of limited-edition office handbags.

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