The story behind the brand

We are all looking for perfection in details, and when we cannot find it, we create it!
This is how the LEONTHE brand was born – versatility and beauty reunited in one signature item: the bag!

A simple, yet essential piece in today’s time, the bag is your everyday trusted associate.
It represents you, it completes your look and reflects your inner personality.

Each LEONTHE bag is a perfect mix of clean, well-structured design, balanced proportions, luxurious textures, and carefully selected chromatics, all aiming to entice and please your senses.

Make a statement with your bag – choose a LEONTHE bag!

Who are we?

A contemporary luxury brand, addressed exclusively to refined business women and men that boast self-confidence and are not afraid to let their voice be heard.
LEONTHE is contemporary, visionary, and authentic. LEONTHE is a respectable, strong, and elegant business partner.

Our vision and values are in line with a lifestyle that values ​​luxury, transposed in high-quality products, authenticity, and environmental sustainability - and we stand by our values by releasing only one exclusive collection per year, with a limited number of products. 

LEONTHE perfectly mixes timeless design, precious materials, and minimalist accessories - all while keeping up with the highest quality standards. Our products are impeccably hand-made in an Italian workshop with a three-generation tradition in leather goods production.

Why choose LEONTHE?

  • TIMELESS - the minimalist lines, proportions, and materials we are using will stand the test of time.
  • PRACTICAL - a well-thought-out compartmentalization that meets your daily needs, keeping your belongings organized.
  • ADAPTABLE - carefully chosen colors that can be easily integrated into any business attire.

LEONTHE imposes itself on the luxury goods market as a brand dedicated exclusively to those who work in the office environment, either we’re thinking about business owners, corporate persons, doctors, lawyers, architects, or anybody who has contact with business documents, as all LEONTHE bags are being designed in A4 paper size format.

Let’s REdefine the luxury!
Andreea Leonthe
Founder & Designer