How did one businesswoman created a luxury office bag brand from scratch

The LEONTHE brand was born from the desire to create perfect details. Timeless, practical, and adaptable are the main cores of our leather bags. Enjoy minimalist lines, well-chosen proportions, and high-quality materials, all in one well-thought-out compartmentalization that meets your daily needs.

The designer of LEONTHE leather handbags is Andreea Leonte, a female entrepreneur who has to face the fast pace of the 21st century. The active office life led her to create a bag that comes to the aid of all people who need an imposing and perfect bag to support the things an entrepreneur requires - A4 documents, a laptop, and personal things. The LEONTHE brand began with a trip to Asia, where the contact with exotic skins of crocodile, cat, lizard, ostrich, and python amazed Andreea and inspired her to integrate them into her products for a luxury mark and a unique feeling at touch. All the leathers used for the handbags have a quality and traceability certificate, marking the high-quality standard of the bags. The search for the best leather also extended to Italy, a country with a vast history in luxury mannequins - here, she delved into cowhide and its particularities related to hardness, appearance, maintenance, and processing.

She returned to Romania and founded a brand of luxury office bags with a timeless stylistic signature. She attended leatherwork courses, learned about patterns/templates, studied everything involved in the construction of a bag, and was an apprentice in different natural leather processing workshops to understand the entire creative process and design a perfect product. Leather was not, until then, one of her curiosities. Still, the desire to create a product that would cover personal needs and help as many people as possible in her situation led her to study the subject deeply and take action.

Leonthe Leather Handbags

"The moment I entered the first leather workshop, I fell in love with that unique, natural smell of leather. I stood for 12 hours a day from one workbench to another without feeling tired.  All my tactile and olfactory senses were invaded by sensations that I never thought could be so pleasant. The bag, an accessory perceived as so trivial, is, in fact, a universe of sensations, perceptions, and emotions. The click of a fastener, the soft or muffled sound of a zipper, the rustle of leather, the noise of the metal legs from the bottom of the bag on a hard surface, the pleasure of the velvet lining, of the patinated, sensual leather... all gathered in an object of daily use. THE BAG is a concentration of pleasures for the senses!'

A well-chosen bag will always add value to your outfit! Carrying a bag under the signature of the LEONTHE brand places you in a luxurious experience, enveloping you with refinement and distinction. The pilon collection consists of 90 exclusive bags for men and women.

A LEONTHE bag conveys a unique emotion through the proposed design and perfectly balanced timeless shapes. It blends perfectly with any female or male silhouette, having its own dynamic and role in shaping an office outfit. Materials of the highest quality, durable seams, and minimalist lines - these qualities of a LEONTHE bag, whether for men or women. The workshop where LEONTHE office bags are made is a family business with over 30 years of experience producing leather goods. Famous luxury handbag brands are among those who have chosen to work with this workshop.

The iconic and timeless LEONTHE bag is a modern manifesto that suits every personality. Enjoy a bag made by the most skilled Italian hands, which never goes out of style.

LEONTHE perfectly mixes timeless design, precious materials, and minimalist accessories - all while keeping up with the highest quality standards.