Women's business attire - How businesswomen dress for success

Although the office dress code requires proper rules, it does not exclude fashionable styling. Office work clothes should be elegant and classic - they aim to present the employee as a professional. Knowing how to dress for work may slightly limit our daily choices, taking away some freedom, but at the same time, it greatly simplifies and organizes life. Knowing a few rules of thumb is enough to look appropriate to the situation. 

What is a dress code

Let's go back to the basics for a moment. What is a dress code? In the literal sense, it is a clothing code, most often applied in a given cultural or professional group, in a specific place and time. It is nothing more than a set of rules on how to dress appropriately for the circumstances in which we will find ourselves. The business dress code defines how we should look when representing the employer inside the company and outside the workplace while performing official duties. Always remember that your outfit builds your image. Specific skills, competencies, and predispositions are needed in office work, but a neat appearance is no less important. 

Your outfit is your calling card

The old rule says that the first impression cannot be made a second time, so it is worth following certain norms and rules of the business world, because as you know - when people see you, that's how they write you! Our clothes say a lot about us - we can build our personal brand and image through them. Certain skills, competencies, and predispositions are needed in office work, but a neat appearance is no less important. 

Dress code at work

To present yourself professionally, you need not only professional knowledge and skills but also clothing that will not distract you from the essence and will make you perceived as a professional specialist in your field. When choosing clothes for work or a business meeting, the profession and position at work are also important. Financiers dress differently than freelancers and artists. Each professional group has its specificity also regarding the style of dress. However, some rules are generally valid in the professional world. If you want to be a professional, adapt them to your style.

Women's business attire - how to dress for work

Applying the principles of the business dress code is the first step to achieving professional success, getting your dream job, and following the designated career path. It is building your own authority. Especially when starting a new job, it is worth getting acquainted with the rules and requirements regarding how to dress because each employer may have slightly different expectations. Knowledge of the rules of the business image, and skillful matching of the outfit to the occasion, testify not only to professionalism but also to good manners and upbringing. We wear our clothes to emphasize our professionalism and show respect to our colleagues and clients.

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Ten universal golden rules for women's office dress code

  • The ideal length of the skirt/dress - the length of the skirt/dress may vary a few centimeters above or below the knee (if you are less than 160 cm tall - choose a skirt just above the knee - you will look better)
  • A slight neckline - should not go deeper than 7 cm from the so-called Adam's apples (in the case of a shirt, you can unfasten one button)
  • The bag is always one of the most important accessories for a woman, so it must be chosen according to individual needs, style, and, of course, the office dress code. A leather bag of the best quality that can fit A4 documents and a laptop will always be a good option. Choose a handbag in dull colors which will bring out the anonymity of the outfit through lush details.
  • A firm YES for good-quality fabrics of the clothes (organic cotton, wool, silk) or shoes/accessories (high-quality natural leather)
  • The texture and color of accessories harmonize with the whole. Scarves are welcome - here we can "go wild" with color. 
  • Jewelry - yes, but only discreet, in a minimalist version. Delicate earrings or clips in the ears, a simple chain or a single string of tiny pearls around the neck, a watch, or one ring.
  • Clothes should not be too tight (but they can be close to the body) and always in the correct size. However, if you are not a freelance artist, the color should be subdued (gray, graphite, and navy blue are the colors supporting a professional image)
  • Elegant shoes, always with covered toes, and the heel not higher than 5 cm, but also should not be lower than 3.5 cm, although more and more often we "pull" from men and we are happy to wear oxford shoes with pants. 
  • Delicate, discreet makeup, well-groomed, styled hair, perfumes used in moderation and with a discreet scent.
  • Clothes should always be clean and ironed.

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