How to match the bag with an outfit depending on the clothing style

Even if the rule of matching a bag with an outfit is a trend that keeps appearing and disappearing, this accessory cannot be chosen randomly. The bag is not an accessory where you can throw everything you need but an object that perfectly emphasizes your style. How do you match the bag according to the clothing style that represents you? Here are some suggestive rules for choosing this accessory!

Elegant outfits

When it comes to stylish outfits, small bags are the most inspiring choice. Small but roomy enough to store essentials, envelope bags or clutches are perfect for special events that require an elegant look. They do not distract attention from the outfit, the real star of the evening - they are light and comfortable and make you take only the essential items with you. If you were wondering how to match the bag to elegant outfits, small purses made of fine materials are a must-have in the wardrobe of an elegant woman.

Office wear

If you wear office outfits every day or frequently, it's essential to know how to match your bag with them. The first aspect you must focus on when choosing an office bag is the material from which the bag is made. For women who prefer leather materials, genuine leather bags are recommended. If you opt for outfits made of materials such as cotton, wool or other combinations of natural and synthetic materials, you can opt for matching the outfit with suede bags. Also, the shape and size of the bag are important in an office outfit. Office outfits are relatively permissive in choosing larger, square or rectangular bags.

Casual wear

Bags for everyday activities must be roomy and durable. Opt for plain, pastel or dark models that perfectly match the chosen casual outfit. It is not a rule that the bag has the same colour. It can be similar, contrasting or complementary to the shades of the clothes or shoes you wear. But remember that you'll need a more oversized accessory whether you're going to the market, the park or the salon. Of course, avoid turning the purse into a satchel because it will look unsightly!


If the style that characterizes you is sporty, a backpack or a backpack-style bag is the most suitable choice. In current trends, these bag designs are adopted even in outfits consisting of dresses or skirts. Moreover, these bags are comfortable and much healthier, and their weight is distributed equally on both shoulders. Even if it looks like a good accessory for everything, it is not advisable to wear this bag in elegant or classic outfits.

We hope that this guide was helpful to you. If you are looking for a perfect bag that can be worn at office and cocktail parties, discover our collection of limited Ambretta bags.

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